The Industry's Largest Selection of Fluid Control Valves

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc has over 675 Dispense Valves in 1-part and 2-part mix-dispense configurations for your adhesive, sealant and lubricant dispensing applications.

We also have the ability to engineer and manufacture a custom valve for certain dispensing applications.

To ensure the best dispensing quality for your products it is important to have the right dispense valve and valve accessories in your existing or new dispensing system.


No-Drip Valve Application

Designed for low-viscosity, pourable materials, abrasive or filled materials & high flow applications. Often used for in-line fluid on/off flow control


Snuf-Bak Animation

Snuf-Bak Valve Application

Ideal for medium to high viscosity, non-level seeking materials and thixotropic or cohesive (stringy) materials for faster shut-off


Tip-Seal Valve Application

Designed to shut-off material flow of low to high-viscosity materials creating a zero cavity seal at the tip of the nozzle ideal for air sensitive materials


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"When it comes to solving liquid dispensing problems, you won't find
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